Odin's Fund Results

Since offering his first course in 1998, and since incorporating ODIN’s Fund in 2000, Dr. McNamara has provided first aid training courses to canine handlers throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions, at the local, state, and federal level.

Over 1,000 handlers have participated in his first aid training, with word-of-mouth promotion the only source for driving attendance at Dr. McNamara’s seminars. In addition, Dr. McNamara has distributed over 250 first aid kits to canine handlers.

From the founding of Odin’s Fund through 2015, Dr. McNamara conducted nearly 150 first aid courses, with over 5,600 K9 handlers benefitting from his instruction in handling both routine and emergency medical issues law enforcement K9s may encounter. Dr. McNamara also distributed approximately 140 first aid kits spanning this time.

In 2016, Dr. McNamara conducted 7 courses for 241 law enforcement participants and distributed nearly 50 first aid kits.